OUR Mission

Our mission is develop and empower youth researchers and policy analysts from urban communities to conduct research and shape policy and practices to positively impact their lives and their future opportunities. 

OUR Vision

Our vision is to train and empower youth to serve as policy analysts and researchers who will assist and consult institutions and companies committed to social change. We will provide services in research evaluation and data analysis to contribute to the broader field of knowledge about urban communities through the lens of youth who are most affected by policies and practices.  We will provide high quality service, conduct rigorous and meaningful research and support organizations striving to improve the day-to-day experiences of people living in urban communities.


About Re.Source

Re.Source Education Consulting and Research is a training, education and policy analysis hub and think tank. We will empower and employ youth between ages 16-22 who have been formerly incarcerated, expelled, experienced homelessness or other forms of disenfranchisement to serve as researchers, policy analysts, and consultants to school districts, social agencies, and policy makers striving to address social inequities. It is our belief that these youth, who are often the subjects of research, have a trauma-informed lens that will reveal many shortcomings in current education and social policy. They must be repositioned as the voices of change. These youth, Re.Source E2 (Experience-based Expertise) Fellows are central to the work.

Our Board of Directors and Our Executive Director

The Re.Source Education Consulting and Research Board of Directors is made up of Bay Area natives who are committed to equity and diversity, and improving the experiences of youth in schools and society as a whole. 

LaDonna Daily (Board Chair) – La Donna Daily holds a BA in Psychology with a minor in Religious Studies from Patten University, graduated with honors (Magna Cum Laude).  She has been working for Family Support Services for 12 years, where she is the Acting Director. She has worked for 4 years specifically within the Respite Program.  In addition, Mrs. Daily has a history working within the community (social services, non-profit organizations, schools and other) and church community throughout the Bay Area for 35+ years with children, youth, young adults, women and families; teaching, educating, mentoring, advocating, advising, planning social events and interactive activities.

Kana Wong (Board Secretary) – Kanako Wong is a social justice focused educator with 15 years of experience in elementary school and adult education. She began her career as an educator in 2004 through Teach for America where she was placed in Las Vegas, NV. After teaching in Las Vegas for nine years Mrs. Wong returned to the Bay Area. She joined Reach Institute for School Leadership in 2017 as a faculty member in the Intern Program working to address inequities that persist in urban environments where inexperienced teachers continue to be placed.   Mrs. Wong is now enrolled in a doctorate program at the University of San Francisco to further investigate these inequities and work towards a solution to the broken system. 

Timothy Carter (Board Treasurer)

Dr. Rick Ayers (Board Member-at Large)

Dr. Lynette Parker (Executive Director)


Re.Source centers the experiences of researcher and consultant. Canon, with its rich history and quality cameras have captured memorable moments in popular culture. As such, Canon will be highlighted as the partner that allows us to capture visuals to accompany our research. As a partner contributing to this work, Canon will be central to the ways we reimagine knowledge and put forth images more powerful to words. The Reimagining is predicated on the images we put forth. As Re.Source launches, we also envision an ongoing digital gallery of images that reflect the scope of work and the changes that we hope to see as a result of that work.