Y.E.A.R. 4 – Change Initiative

Y.E.A.R.4 – Change Initiative is a youth-empowering effort. We train middle school and high school youth to conduct research about school and/or community-based issues. We believe that youth have much more insight into problem-solving. This initiative centers youth as change-makers.

Image(ning) the Crises

Image(ning) the Crises involves photo-based research that uses images to illuminate inequities in society and education. Youth researchers will use cameras to capture images to address the nature of the issue and humanize marginalized populations. Photos will be analyzed alongside and data about issues at hand. Projects will culminate in gallery exhibits and and public lectures and recommendations based on research findings.

Counseling the Council

Counseling the Counsel – School council meetings often allow for public responses. We encourage concerned youth and community members to attend and interact with council members. Re.Source is committed to sharing research and evaluation project finding with local school boards and school councils.